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"Emotional lead performances and a tension-brimmed plot make this dark Lifetime thriller a must-see..." - Vocal Media Geeks

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Genre: Thriller / Feature

Starring: Erin Karpluk, Rekha Sharma, Andrew Francis

Dir: Farhad Mann

Premiere: December 2019


Casey Marsh was born in captivity. Her mother, Lena, was abducted as a teenager and spent six long years in captivity, during which time she gave birth to her daughter, Casey. Jane escaped when Casey was six years old and Timothy Fast, the kidnapper, was arrested and incarcerated. Fast forward twenty years later and Lena has moved on. She has changed her identity, moved to a new town, and built a normal life for herself and her daughter. For Casey, the memories of a childhood in captivity haunt her. She is plagued by nightmares that only seem to be getting worse. When local women start to go missing, the method of abduction is eerily similar to Lena’s, Lena reveals to Casey that Timothy had an accomplice. Is this mysterious accomplice kidnapping women now? Are Lena and Casey in danger? Casey is furious that her mother has hidden this knowledge from her all this time, but when Lena suddenly disappears, Casey must face the dark secrets of the past to find her mother before it’s too late.



Genre: Thriller / Feature

Starring: Erin Cahill, Antonio Cupo, Aaron Pearl

Dir: Kley Webber

Airdate: September 2018 on Lifetime Movie Network

After a series of murders throughout the state, a woman discovers that she is the muse of a serial killer.

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Sydney can fix knees, shoulders or ankles, but she can’t fix her own heart. Until one day she meets a single father, the man of her dreams – who turns into the man of her nightmares.

A teenage girl, with the ability to astral project, must summon her power to escape a juvenile correctional facility targeted by a psychotic killer seeking revenge.

A ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay 2019 Quarterfinalist

In the near future, interstellar travel is no longer a distant is the stuff of nightmares

A woman hiking alone saves a man from certain death and helps him escape his murderous masked attackers only to find out he’s hiding a dark secret and saving him was a big mistake.


An inner-city nurse seeks refuge in a remote northern community to escape her abusive partner and joins a small team of emergency nurses who struggle to manage their personal lives while dealing with the unique medical emergencies that afflict the great

Canadian north. 

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